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Who do I think I am?

So I have decided to embark on this blog adventure. Join the millions, maybe billions of bloggers across the globe. The amount of new content that gets posted on the web each day boggles my mind.

Who do I think I am to start yet another blog?

What will I write about…my 90-year-old father and 82-year-old mother who recently moved in with us in our very small cape cod home, living in the suburbs and pining for the downtown life, my obsession with tomatillos, my husband who makes his own furniture, bread, beer, cheese and even sake, or my genus 4-year-old son (OK I exaggerate, but he can count to 50, almost).

I even dreamed about it last night. I was sitting at the computer for hours. And in true horror-movie fashion I had written something similar to “all work and no play…” I have to get new content up there right away I thought as I woke up this morning. My audience of at least 20 people is waiting and I don’t want to disappoint.

As a writer, especially a freelance writer, I struggle with the self-confidence to believe what I write is making a true contribution. I always say to my husband, “That has been written about already.” or “There are at least five books written on that topic.” In his wise way he responds, “So!”

I guess he is right. What if James Baldwin, Joyce Carol Oates or Octivia Butler thought that? What if I could never have been inspired by these writers?

What if those people who write blogs about getting into freelance writing like freelance writing gigs, and Angela Booth’s Writing Blog or blogs about juggling motherhood and writing, such as the writer mama, mommy writer blog, and creative construction thought no one cared?  I wouldn’t have gotten all that great advice.

I have to get over the idea that I will come up with something that no one has ever wrote about or even thought about. I have to, like all writers out there, just put myself and my writing out there. Kind of like putting that proverbial note in the bottle. It may never wash up on the shore, but like my husband says, “So.”