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Cautiously Optimistic

The stories of financial and personal ruin are everywhere.

Countless foreclosures, millions laid off and stores like Circuit City shutting their doors. It is almost too much to take. On NPR yesterday they told about a man in Osaka, Japan who starved to death. He had lost his job, was three months behind on his rent and he ran out of food.

Of course, I was on my way to Costco when I heard this news. And although the plasma televisions are out of grasp and even the premium dried fruits and nuts seemed a bit too luxurious for this trip, I was definitely getting plenty of food for my family to eat. I had to push aside the images of this lonely hungry man, while I strolled the expansive isles.

I also had to push aside any thoughts that my own family may not be insulated from these current events.

Could this be one of the last trips to Costco? The university where my husband works as a scientist is cutting a 100 million dollars of their annual budget. The last couple weeks have been filled with emergency budget meetings and terms like RIFs “reduction in force” have been thrown around. Needless to say these have been some stressful times at the old workplace.

My husband has been told to be “cautiously optimistic” about his position.

And that is what I was, cautiously optimistic, as I put the four pack of butter, the case of yogurts and four gallons of cranberry juice in my cart.

And I’m cautiously optimistic that I will be able to get my freelance writing biz off the ground. And cautiously optimistic that President Obama will be able to help our country in these difficult times.

Before going to bed tonight my four year old son reminded me that when he grows up he is going to live in one of the penthouse apartments he saw advertised in the New York Times Magazine. (He has offered to let his mom and dad live with him there.) He said the kitchen will be huge and so will his room.

Thank God he has thrown caution to the wind.