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Throwing in the kitchen towel

Sometimes it pays to know when to throw in the towel. And this morning it was the case to throw in the kitchen towel.

I have never claimed to be a great cook or baker, but I have gotten more and more comfortable cooking in the last decade. But this morning it just wasn’t happening.

My first mistake was deciding to try my hand at my husband’s vegan pancake recipe (with the addition of some semi-sweet chocoalate chips of course). I wasn’t particularly set on eating vegan, but they are really yummy and that is the first recipe I came across. I should have gotten out my trusty dog-eared red and white checked Better Homes and Garden cookbook. My second mistake was pour way to much oil in the pan. Let see third mistake getting the pan too hot. Fourth mistake using our worn out frying pan that the oil all goes around the side and leaving the center to scorch anything you put on it. Sixth mistake, or no fifth mistake, oh I have lost track at this point. I put the one pan with the stuck dough in the sink and got out the cheap one that burns your hand on the handle.

Well needless to say we didn’t have chocolate pancakes today. I decided to get out the oatmeal of course I broke the top shelf in one of our primitive cupboards. But now my stomach is filled and order is restored in the universe or at least our tiny 9 by 9 kitchen.